Krasnogorsk FT-2 / ФТ-2


The letters FT stand for "Fotoapparat Tokareva", which translates to "Tokarev's camera". Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev was a Russian weapons designer and a personal friend of Stalin. The FT-2 is the grandfather of todays Horizon cameras and father of the Horizont.

These cameras produce a rather unusual 24x110mm size negative (on 35mm film) with a 50mm lens. That way, the vertical angle of view is rather limited compared to their modern Horizon offsprings. Still, due to the swing-lens design and the rather long negative they achieve a 120 degrees horizontal angle of view.
What I like about these cameras is that they produce a really wide panoramic image with rather 'normal' vertical view. So in contrast to super-wide panoramics distant subject matter does not shrink as fast.



  • FT-2 Manual (268k, PDF) - a scan of the original user's manual (in English)
  • FT-2 Repair Guide (615k, PDF) - a troubleshooting guide showing typical faults and how to fix them, includes instrucions how to (dis-)assemble the camera



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